It’s not always about making a lot of noise...

It’s about making brilliant noise.

Brand Audits & Market Research

Brand Audits

Our brand audit service describes and evaluates the current state of your brand and its effectiveness in achieving your company’s business objectives.

This assessment is the first step in our brand strategy development and is used to diagnose where your brand strengths lie, as well as to identify potential vulnerabilities or shortcomings.

This is the foundation on which all our other steps depend and the beginning of your definitive brand direction.

Market Research

Often overlooked or outdated, we strongly advise our clients to re-establish their connection to the market and its consumers.

Today’s marketplace is no longer responsive to the strategies that worked in the past.


There are just too many products, too many companies, and too much marketing noise.


Brands that understand both when and why consumers behave the way they do, have the highest penetration rate.

We know the value of both quantitative and qualitative market research, and will deliver the right results against the needs of your business.

Brand Strategy & Management


If your brand manages to deliver purpose beyond profit, you will not only better the lives of your consumers, but you will encourage them to participate in the amplification of your ideals.

Unless your brand stands for something, it stands for nothing.

At the core of our DNA is an obsession to understand what makes your brand unique, and the ways in which to elevate your positioning amongst your consumers.


Our brand management is not only taking place in South Africa but across the African markets.

Multi-nationals are consistently adopting our model of centralized relationship management and communications from South Africa into the region.

The vast experience we have across the markets and our varied agency partner network allows us to ensure you have the relevant local insights and the highest quality execution.

If your company operates on the African continent, we’re well poised to take care of your brand.

Media Planning & Digital Media

Traditional Media Planning And Procurement

We understand the media landscape and what it takes to get your media mix right.

Wasted exposure is one of the biggest blunders in the Industry and a complete misappropriation of critical marketing spend.

With active media solutions taking place across the African region, we’re more than qualified to lead your communication platform decisions.

Digital Programmatic Desktop/Mobile Media

Programmatic media continues to grow exponentially and is at the forefront of industry conversation.

We offer programmatic media buying with customized location based audiences and enhanced with data driven Rich Media and Native offerings.

Label-A’s capacity to run high reach, targeted campaigns across multiple devices, elevates our digital programmatic offering to amongst the best in the industry.

Social Media Management

A strong believer in adopting a digital first strategy, one has to say that Social Media is probably at the forefront of this positioning.

The power of the Social Media giants cannot be under estimated, however, you’ll need to pay in order to play, there’s a lot of clutter out there.

In order to stand out from the marketing noise, Label-A will manage your Social Media platforms with the attention they deserve by utilizing crowd cultures, strategic integration and the latest technologies.


App, mobisite and website development are vitally important platforms for your brand visibility and performance. With mobile phones being a physical extension in our lives, we also strongly advocate various community-building functionalities that include purchase redemption, gamification, loyalty/reward programs and mobile surveys.

Production & Design

Creative Direction And Design

Too often we are influenced by what’s already out there, whether consciously or subconsciously.

We don’t endorse the faux pas of clichéd, bland and forgetful creative.

Our hugely experienced team of designers will unlock your creative niché utilizing strategic local insights and world-class expertise.


We handle everything from developing your initial concept, to pre-production planning, right through to production and post-production.

Notwithstanding our availability to the world-class South African cast and crew, we also utilize our network of suppliers across the region to ensure you get quality production that suits your budget in country.

No matter how big or small, we’ve got tons of expertise in the production field.

We’ve got you covered across Radio, TVC, Photography, Motion Graphics, Animation and Illustration.


We’ve all heard the saying - The pen is mightier than the sword.

Label-A fights the good fight when it comes to copy and we understand the power of words.

Below The Line & Print

Below The Line

Everything from activations to events, if it’s on the ground… or in the air, we’ve got extensive experience in delivering the right results for your brand.

Printing Services

We are currently handling print requirements for our clients in various markets and have the capability to service your needs across the region.