A new venture
with an old soul.


A new venture
with an old soul.


A Brief History Of Label A

Over the past few years, marketing has evolved from a primarily creative discipline viewed as a mere cost centre, to a highly analytical, measurable function.

That means we no longer have the luxury of deploying marketing campaigns without thinking about how we’ll measure the results.

There’s now a culture of accountability around the marketing profession, with a laser-like focus on justifying marketing spend.

It’s all about the Return on Investment.


That’s where we come in… because we make a difference across every sensory discipline of your brand communication.

We’re passionate about communications and with an unspeakable number of years between us, we can truly call ourselves pathfinders and trendsetters across all disciplines in the industry and throughout the African region.

We believe the core to elevating your business is to be truly engaged with you, your products and your consumers…

Communication is what bridges everything.

You might ask yourself - What is Label-A?

Simply put, it’s a label for Africa.

We create and enhance brand communications in Africa.

That's our true passion and speciality.